Software which helps carry out daily tasks. We've included all sorts of functionalities to help you. Having said that, why should you pay for functionalities you're not using? To prevent that happening, i-Reserve has been constructed modularly. This means you can choose the functions to be used by your organisation. Precision customising. What are these modules?


This module allows your customers to make their own bookings, saving you a great deal of telephone and e-mail traffic. You determine which booking process or processes you wish to use: calendar, schedule or search dialog, or a combination.

Online payment

This module allows you to link i-Reserve to a Payment Service Provider, such as Buckaroo or Cardgate. This not only saves you a lot of work, it also gives you quicker access to your revenue.


This module allows you to prepare invoices on the basis of bookings. Additional functionalities such as partial invoices, extra consumption, merging of draft invoices, creating direct debits etc. are also available to you.


The SMS module gives you a whole new medium to use. All the actions you normally performed with e-mail, you can now carry out through SMS texting. For example, you can text confirmations to your customers' mobile phones.


This module allows you to export to your financial administration. Your balance sheets are updated immediately. Interfaces are available to REMS, Exact, King, Accountview, Mamut, Snelstart, iMuis and Twinfield.

Punch card

Punch cards can be used to allow customers to pay in advance for multiple bookings. The most frequently used method is the offer of a punch card with more credit. This means you are actually offering a discount on the purchase of multiple bookings.

Gift certificate

The Gift Certificate gives you an immediate additional marketing tool: the use of discount codes. Instead of making a booking, your customers can purchase a gift certificate.


Membership records are linked to subscriptions. Do you have products which require monthly payment? This module ensures that an invoice is generated monthly, for the duration of the customer's subscription.


It's possible to record a visitor's attendance through a scanner application. This can be necessary if it's important to know who did or did not attend. It can also be used purely as an entrance check, determining who may actually be admitted.


When working with intermediaries, it is normal to work with committees. i-Reserve can be used to set up prices to intermediaries, consumers as to the owner. Within the calculation certain parts can be excluded for the owner where as they do apply to the consumer.

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