i-Reserve's features make it extremely usable.

Users these days demand a lot from software (and rightly so!). An online reservation system such as i-Reserve has to be not only easy to work with, but also fast and suitable for use with various devices. A prominent feature is the option of customising i-Reserve completely to your own wishes. i-Reserve modular was set up for that very purpose.

Main Features:

User friendly

Easy to use, both for your customers and you the administrator: i-Reserve makes the process of booking, and also managing bookings, intuitive and transparent.

Easy to customize

You decide which functionalities you use, and how the various screens should look. We take it a step further with the customer screens: you can design completely the look and feel of them.


Scalable web design which automatically adapts to your visitors' screen size: i-Reserve customer screens are suitable for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Modern technologies

i-Reserve uses the latest web techniques, making it fast and flexible. Using modern web techniques also ensures the best possible user experience.