With i-Reserve, you can offer your customers additional service, save yourself time and prevent errors. Our intuitive software takes over a lot of your work and offers you the best possible overview of the production capacity. Any additional options of your choice can be easily determined, and using our advanced filters allows you to access various kinds of statistics which offer answers to questions like "Which product or service is being booked most often?"

The advantages of i-Reserve

The following list shows a mere selection of the many advantages and options i-Reserve has to offer. Discover other possibilities in our online demos.

Takes only a few clicks of the mouse

Once the system has been set up, it takes only a few clicks of the mouse to make a booking. Now your customers can book online as easily as offline. By using the handy overviews and/or filters, you can see at a glance what has been booked, and when. With only one click on the button, you can export an overview to, for example, Excel.

Far-reaching automation

i-Reserve offers far-reaching automation options. Confirmation of a booking or payment or sending a reminder can all be done automatically. That saves you a lot of time and effort. The communication takes place through e-mail. You can implement any necessary changes to a booking in no time. Your customer receives an automatic message about the changes.

Modular construction

i-Reserve can be used on a licensing basis (SaaS). You pay a fixed sum each month. Do you need only a simple scheduling and booking application or would you like to use all the options the system has to offer? You yourself determine how you use i-Reserve. The software has a modular construction, and it's easy to activate additional modules. These might be modules for exporting to your financial administration, for example, or for online payment methods. If you don't use these functions, you don't pay for them either. Which is fair.

Behind the screens

Product development is extremely important to us. Our team of developers is constantly working behind the screens, either creating new functionalities and/or improving the existing ones. The latest web techniques play an important part in this, as does the feedback from our clients.

And as one of our clients, you naturally profit from all those improvements, since new updates are automatically available to you. At no extra cost.

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