Versatile and flexible

An online reservation system that can transform your visitors into your customers, at any time, and from any location. i-Reserve can be applied in a number of ways, and is used in many different sectors. The modular construction makes our intuitive software particularly flexible.

User friendly

Easy to use, both for your customers and you the administrator: i-Reserve makes the process of booking, and also managing bookings, intuitive and transparent.

Easy to customize

You decide which functionalities you use, and how the various screens should look. We take it a step further with the customer screens: you can design completely the look and feel of them.


Scalable web design which automatically adapts to your visitors' screen size: i-Reserve customer screens are suitable for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Modern technologies

i-Reserve uses the latest web techniques, making it fast and flexible. Using modern web techniques also ensures the best possible user experience.

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About Us

i-Reserve is backed by an enthusiastic and professional team of developers, designers, applications administrators, support staff and marketing/sales managers. Together, we have developed i-Reserve in the last 15 years into a high-level online booking system. Although originally created for the Dutch market, i-Reserve has also been targeting the international market for some years now.

i-Reserve is continually developing. Feedback from our customers plays an important part in that continuous development.

i-Reserve Team



This module allows you to prepare invoices on the basis of bookings. Additional functionalities such as partial invoices, extra consumption, merging of draft invoices, creating direct debits etc. are also available to you.


It's possible to record a visitor's attendance through a scanner application. This can be necessary if it's important to know who did or did not attend. It can also be used purely as an entrance check, determining who may actually be admitted.

Punch card

Punch cards can be used to allow customers to pay in advance for multiple bookings. The most frequently used method is the offer of a punch card with more credit. This means you are actually offering a discount on the purchase of multiple bookings.

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